From all over Europe, start-ups gathered in Paris last week-end for the grand finale of the Hello Tomorrow Challenge. Based on the premise that science and technology combined with entrepreneurship will build our tomorrow, they invited start-ups from various horizon to pitch and demo their ideas.

The quality of the projects was really impressive. No over hyped bird games or social networks, but a bunch of passionate teams tackling real problems with amazing technology: From rehabilitation solution of paralyzed people, preventive treatments for allergies (Swecure) to carbon footprint reduction via actionable analytics(Carbon Analytics, you have to check out the full list of semi-finalists.


That’s start-ups you won’t read about on Techcrunch, but they are nevertheless representative of what the future will be made of and how Europe’s contribution will look like. As we should have no inferiority complex towards Silicon Valley, the Hello Tomorrow Challenge is a good example of how the European ecosystem should reunite, network and… promote itself (yes, admit it, we sometimes lack some self-esteem).

Kudos to the HTC team for that. If it was only the minimum viable product, I am really looking forward the next iteration! In 2015?

Beeing semi-finalist, we had not much time for the conferences (I hope we will find them online!). We demoed the Gimball at our booth and pitched in front of both the jury and public. Luckily, it crashed just as much as needed ^^


We are very thankful for the positive feedback and honored to be the hardware & robotic track winner.

Thanks to the HTC team, jury, mentors, ambassadors and volunteers and see you next year!